Data services & APIs

Data services & APIs

Data services are services permitting automated use of the KB’s data. Digital illustrations, metadata and texts can be made available via an API (Application Programming Interface) using SRU or OAI-PMH, and may be combined with other data to make new research, web applications and services possible.

Open datasets

The following datasets may be used freely:

CC-BY-NC-ND dataset

The following dataset may be used under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence:

Please email us on if you use any of the datasets as we are very interested to find out about applications and research results that use the data and it also lets us notify you of developments such as changes in the datasets or the release of new datasets.

Our datasets are also available via Open Cultuur Data,, Data.overheid.nlWikipedia, NARCIS en

Other datasets

In addition to these, we have other interesting datasets:

We hope to make these and other datasets available as freely as possible in due course.

Datasets for research

It is often possible to use datasets that are not yet freely available for academic research purposes. Please contact us at

Practical examples

KB is used to supplying data for external applications. Some practical examples:


Brief description

Dataset(s) used


PoliticalMashup allows easy searches of large volumes of political data.

The Dutch Digital Parliamentary Papers



Europeana includes several KB datasets.

Early Dutch Books Online
Memory of the Netherlands
Alba Amicorum


Polimedia allows comparative searches of reports of political debates in various media.

Historical Newspapers
ANP Radiobulletins Digitaal

Sport- en Kennisplein

Sport- en Kennisplein includes the sports collections in a number of KB datasets.

Historische Newspapers

Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen

The Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen includes the wartime newspapers in the Historical Newspapers set.

Historical Newspapers 

The Memory of the Netherlands


Please contact us on if you would like us to include your research or project here.